TechicTalk – How we ranked 100+ Keywords within 1 Months?

Our Client

TechicTalk is the tech blog that provides news and information about technology.


When this client came to us, they published some posts. His mission was to increase traffic from search engine. He mainly wanted to generate $ from Google AdSense.

First I checked did audit of the website and found some SEO issues, like

  • Website’s posts was not indexed properly
  • Thin Low-quality content
  • They wrote articles on some topic, when I asked him he said that’s are not properly researched
  • Articles are not making by targeting any keywords
  • Website navigation was not user-friendly
  • In the website there were too much ads and design was not responsive for mobile
  • They were using some low quality images in the posts
  • And their post’s title was not so attractive
  • Content was not SEO friendly
  • Low Quality OBL
  • Issues in GSC
  • Content information was not in-depth
  • Super slow speed
  • No internal linking
  • Low quality some spammed links
  • No social presence

What we did?

First of we found some content ideas and then did master level deep keyword research. We found some low competitive and decent volume keywords under this criteria

  • First page content was less concentrated.
  • UGC (User Generated Content ) website on top page
  • Comparatively New websites on top page
  • Links with low quality of top page websites
  • Low metrics ( DA, PA, Dr, Ur ) of top page websites.

Then we fix these,

Key Points

  • Font Family & Size
  • Search Bar
  • Visitors can find most of what they want in 3 Clicks or less
  • Use of Premium and customized
  • Ads placement
  • Responsive Designs
  • Test site with to check site weakness.


Then we mostly focused on content writing, because good content is the father of blog SEO. Without informative, in-depth, SEO optimized content nothing is possible. So, after making a list of keywords and fixing the basic issues, we started to write articles everyday and we, published 1 articles per day. As this was an technology based information & news blog. So, we had to be up to date about tech update, and our writers had plenty of knowledge about the technology. Before writing any articles, we researched articles like what they covered, anything that is missing, any unresolved question that we can answer, what’s their uncovered area, where we can provide more value, article length, how many pictures they are using etc. these kinds of things we researched and then give instruction to the writers.

And the most important, at the same time we were joining to our relevant community in social sites like reddit, Pinterest, Facebook and other forums and trying to drive some traffic that will provide good signals to google.

TechicTalk – GSC Graph

Improve On Page SEO

On Page Factors (Direct)

Then we started to fix on page SEO factors like

SEO friendly & Keyword Targeted Meta Description

  • Used Long Tail Keyword

SEO friendly & Keyword Targeted Meta Description

  • Placed Main keywords with LSI

SEO-Friendly URLs

  • Placed keyword
  • Added breadcrumb


  • Keep our article’s subheadings among h2-h6

Internal Links

  • Linked to 3-5 related posts from 1 post
  • Dofollow of course


  • Alternative Text (Alt tag) added
  • Title, description and caption
  • Image size compressed

On Page Factors (Content)

  • Added Modifiers to our titles
  • H1, H2, H3 Tag optimizations
  • Keyword was in first 100 words
  • Did Outbound Links (OBL) (nofollow)
  • LSI Keywords Placement
  • Long Content (Quantity BUT Quality)
  • Content Silo
  • Keyword Cannibalization

Mobile Friendly

  • Yes 100% mobile optimized

Site Speed

  • We made the site faster

SSL setup

  • Encrypted with SSL( https)

Robots Text Customized

Sitemap XML submit

404 Page fixing

Besides we did huge things to optimize on page and technical SEO like tf-idf optimization, schema markup, social sharing button added etc. Then we jumped to content marketing & link building section.

TechicTalk – Semrush Domain Overview

Link Building

First of all we checked and audited their backlinks profile, they had some spammed and non effective links.

Then we did research on their competitor’s backlinks profile, and make list of sites that we will do outreach for link prospecting.

At first we started to build some foundation backlinks targeting the home page profile backlinks, directory links, social bookmarks etc.

We did not do huge links building. After making foundation links, we started to do guest post targeting keywords.

We mailed the websites which was niche relevant, enough traffic and trustworthy like maintaining A.R.T. ( Authority, Relevancy and Trust)

When we started guest post and first we linked techictalk from our own source. Then we took links from mail outreach also bought some links.

We built backlinks maintaining anchor text ratio, link velocity, diversity and always white hat SEO 100% google update safe links.

As already keyword started to ranking, so we basically did link building which were not 1st page, we made backlinks for those who were 2nd, 3rd, 4th page page.

And that was started to come 1st page and traffic started to increase.

Keywords Ranking

Ahref overview

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