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Best White Hat SEO Services​ in Bangladesh

Hey, this is Ratul Roy providing the best white hat SEO services in Bangladesh and also abroad and also have experience working as a freelancer. I am only 16 Years or you can tell me the Youngest SEO Expert in Bangladesh. But don’t judge me by my age, judge my skills. Since the born time of SEO, a lot of updates have happened in the SEO industry, so you need someone who is updated With Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird as well hundreds of other updates.

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We don’t provide any SEO services which will show results overnight. White hat SEO always takes time to show visible results on SERP. So, if you can be patient and if you need long-term results and want to make some serious results, then this service is for you. And if you want to rank within a short time for a serious result, then I am extremely sorry. So this white hat SEO service is not for you.

So, in order to rank your legal website on google for long term and for want to generate double, triple revenue through SEO, this service will be your one of the best choice.

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Let's Get A Qucik View On The Total Process

Step #1

Depth Keyword Research

As we connected and make our deal completed then will sned you a list of keyword for aprroval and then will start to track data.

Step #3

Competitor Analysis

After completing Keyword research, then will research on your competitors and will compare to you will make plan to beat your Competitor

Implementing Strategies

After Making strategy the work is to make it real, so then we will implement our plan. WIll optimize technical SEO, on-page SEO, Content Marketing/Off-page Strategy, social presence.

Step #2

360° Audit

As we will come to a deal we will provide you a 360° SEO Audit report that will give you crystal clear idea about the current faults and perfomance,+.

Making Strategy

After doing the before three things will make proper strategy to rank #1 on Google and beat tyour competitors. Will send you a complete report of strategies

I am ready to rank 1st page

Achieve your Goals with the Best SEO Service Providers

Our team of experts has years of experience related to SEO and Digital Marketing. We know all the tips and tricks to rank your website on the top. We will help you achieve your goals by building the path towards success for you.

 We make the best digital marketing and SEO strategies for your business that can be effective. We use the best software to increase your business’s reach towards the audience.

Starting of the Process

Once you fill-up the form and get in touch with us. Our first step will, we will send you a list of keywords for your approval with details information about each keyword. As the keywords are approved by you, then will start to tack all the keywords ranking again your website. The range of keywords will be 100 to 200 or it may vary depending on niche and industry. And then we will try to rank the selected keywords.

SEO Reporting

From the moment of our starting, we will report everything about performance and what is happening everything. A dedicated subdomain will be ready for you and you will get access of the dashboard within 24 hours and there you can look after everything(24/7) from keyword tracking data to organic traffic and everything in SEO. Once we started to working together, you will not need to check any data specifically from google analytics, search console, or any SERP tracking tool nothing from other. You will get all their APIs into our system, even you may get more than them. 

You will also get manual report such as audit report, competitor research report, strategy report etc.

360° SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Our 360° SEO audit always is a depth audit of your website which certainly finds out all the errors and issues. We run with various premium tools and also human efforts because audits using only tools can not find out critical problems so there are experts who find out complex and critical things which need to improve for SEO ranking and traffics. This includes everything from title, meta title, schema to robots.txt, sitemap, indexing issues, 404 errors, and a lot of factors.  which is under SEO, it gives a complete view of your SEO health, so we call it 360° SEO Audit. 

Actually, this is the area where we figure out that what issues need to solve for SEO. And it will also give you a crystal clear conception of your SEO health and issues. 

And Once we make a list of issues and then my team will go to the next step.




Competitor Research -Best White Hat SEO Services in Bangladesh

Our competitor research process will help you beat your competitor and overcome the ranking. We will run deep research on your top competitors with detailed objects, why they are on ranking? Why we are not? What did they do? We will make sure that you are better than them. We will report you details about what their plus point, what their debilitation?

And will make proper strategy to overcome them to beat them. We will detect where your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are. And will make proper planning to solve this and beat your competitors.

On Page and Technical SE

On Page SEO and Technical SEO is the foundation of SEO. And it is getting more priority than before. Google as well as other search engine are focusing on the technical condition and on site SEO health rather than external linking. But don’t think that external linking that means backlinks are not important they have still importance and we will make sure that we have covered it. But first we will fix technical issues of your website such as sitemap, website speed, indexing errors, 404 errors, robotx.txt file and a lot of things.

And our on page SEO process is also comprehensive than other process because most of the SEO happens in on page SEO now. We will optimize your content to your internal linking, and everything targeting your keywords. Even we ranked many low competitive keywords  with only our on page SEO hacks. But its true that it will rank any competitive or good volume keywords with only on-page but we will make sure that you are getting better performance on SERP that before. But for rank 1st page need to be done off-page SEO, so our next step is off-page SEO.

On-page white hat SEO services

Off Page SEO(Link Building)

White Hat SEO Link Building

Off-page SEO is the external linking that called backlink factors. Our off page SEO process is updated and according white hat SEO methods. Still now there are many SEO legends those who build spammy backlinks and there are huge chance to get penalty. So, we build those backlinks that are effective and working and which will hep you beat your competitors. We also manage your social signal, and other thing such as anchor text ratio, link velocity, link diversity, removing toxic links, outreach your content. We also make sure that links are according EAT(Expertise, Authority, and Trust) .

And we know what exactly needed to rank a website depending competition, industry. We also audit your competitors backlinks profile and make sure that you are better than them.

Our off page strategy varies from website to website, so it will be better if you reach out to us filling the below forms.

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Frequently asked questions

Actually it depends what you determine the success of this engagement.

But the Common Goal is:

  • Ranking
  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Sell
  • Revenue


Actually it depends on many many metrics like website age, authority, targeted keyword, niche, competition.

But generally it may take 4 t o 6 months. But its not fixed and it may take 1+ years for new website or depending on industry, website age and many things.

Yes, I have premium tools for KW research, competitor research and also have expert team. We use tool for KW research and competitor research but also do research with man effort for deep analysis.

Have all resources for all kinds of SEO analysis. 

Because we are dedicated with our every projects. And we believe in ROI based working.

And our service will provide you guaranteed improvement and ROI. You not to be disappoint with us.

And our working process is white hat SEO friendly.

And we make always proper strategies to overcome ranking.

We always follow best white hat SEO link building methods which will provide natural backlinks, maintaining anchor text ratio, competitors backlinks profile, link diversity, link velocity, mix of do-follow and n0-follow, according Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Which will make you authority site. Will disavow spammy links.


At a sentence first we make proper strategy then implement that.

After making deal with us within 24 hours, we will send you a login access of a dashboard in where you will see all the performance, ranking data and report. 

You will not to use separately GSC, GA or any tools. You will get all their APIs in our custom dashboard.

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